Saflec Systems leads the way in providing security solutions to the South African market, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no different. With the emphasis on social distancing and hygiene, we have contactless, biometric and facial recognition software that can easily integrate with our custom-developed software, SACS (Saflec Access Control System). Using these integrated systems, you can create a more hygienic environment for you and your staff with many benefits while you ensure a contactless environment that will mitigate the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Get ahead of the trend towards touchless technology and prepare for the changing world that will surely emerge from this worldwide pandemic.

Here are a few solutions that could assist.

The MorphoWave from Idemia

This touchless scanner comes in two forms – the Desktop and the Compact Tower. The technology uses a reliable fingerprint capture with a patented, touchless 3D acquisition solution, so it’s perfect for high traffic areas, as it is quick, efficient and has the highest level of accuracy. It scans and processes four fingerprints simultaneously, with one quick hand movement over the large contactless scanning surface.

This solution is perfect for medium to large enterprises with a large staff complement that requires quick, reliable and effective access control.

Our SACS software is 100% integrated with the system.

AC-7000 Facial Recognition Scanner

This scanner uses facial recognition as well as fingerprint recognition in one terminal. The advanced face authentication algorithm can recognize faces in various lighting conditions and can match up to 10000 face templates in 1 single second. The camera automatically detects faces, which removes the need to hunch or lower your posture to reach the camera’s field of vision.

The fingerprint technology can detect false fingerprints made from various materials including rubber, silicone and gelatin. However, this will not be touchless, so we suggest disabling this feature.

The Quadcore processor ensures that technology always responds in seconds with no delay and allows for the storage capacity of 500000 fingerprints, 10000000 event logs and 20000 image logs.

Perfect for medium to large companies and SACS is fully integrated with this tech.

Our SACS software is 100% integrated with the system.

CMITech EF-45 Iris Scanner

The EF-45 Dual Iris Recognition Scanner is first in the industry to employ face display-based subject positioning. The unique algorithm uses deep learning face detection to ensure fast and smooth operation. It has an expanded capture range of 35 to 45 cm in normal mode and all image process is done internally including extraction and matching.

This product is highly cost-effective, fast and perfect for medium to large enterprises with high traffic access control areas.

We are working on integrating this system with SACS at the moment.

We are willing and able to integrate other proven security technologies with our SACS, such as Iris Scanners and Palm vein readers. Feel free to contact us on or (011) 477-4760 to schedule an appointment for shortly after lockdown.

Should you be utilizing a SACS system with fingerprint and card readers, we are willing to assist you with reverting it to card only for the time being. This way people are able to only touch their cards which minimizes contact with the fingerprint scanner.

If there is no budget for major changes it might be that the only real solution would be a cleaning station for use before and after using the biometric device. If this is the solution that your business opts for, then please ensure that you use a disinfectant that is SANS 53727/53624/51276/51650 standards compliant. Ideco sells a disinfectant that meets these standards.