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Saflec (Pty) Ltd is an industrial electronics engineering company specialising in the manufacturing and development of metal detection, precious metal detection and computer solutions for a wide variety of control and monitoring situations in industry and security. We are the only local manufacturer in South Africa and has been in business since 1980. Saflec (Pty) Ltd is a solutions orientated company that meets all problems head-on. The secret to our success lies in the strong bonds of loyalty and cohesion the exists between staff and our ability to react to situations immediately without delay.


We hold world patents on our equipment and support over 60 agents worldwide. We take pride in leading the metal detection industry by developing “world firsts” such as being the first company to use fibreglass in a mono construction to build walk-through metal detectors.


The gold detection abilities of the Goldfinger II is the most advanced in the world – detecting very small amounts of precious metals anywhere on the body is no easy task, yet we have solved that problem with our immense precious metal detection capabilities.

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Panache Multi-zone

P21 Single-Zone Metal Detector

PPMZ Portable Multizone Detector

Garrett PD6500i Multi Zone

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Metasearch 4

Saflec Introduces the Panache’ Multi-zone Walk Through

Saflec has introduced the Panache, the most technically advanced walk through metal detector in it’s 32 year history.

Featuring Multi-zone indication of where the metal is located as well as unique features of such as varying tone audio alarms dependant on the height the metal is carried, the unit uses Microprocessor technology with touch screen input to the various functions.

Constructed from fibreglass in three sections, the unit is relatively compact for shipping purposes

Security and Walk Through Metal Detection

The Saflec range of walk through metal detectors covers a wide range of applications in the security industry. These consist of relatively inexpensive, but never the less reliable, well-made units for general security use for weapons detection, as well as theft, to highly sensitive detectors of precious metals.

Saflec is also highly flexible in its manufacturing process and therefore capable of custom designing metal detectors to suit specialised applications. The standard range are constructed from durable fibreglass, and are designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind.

Industrial Metal Detection

Saflec manufacture a range of industrial metal detectors for protection of machinery such as crushers and saws in industries such as Mining, Coal Plants, Sawmills, and various similar applications.
The detectors are available as standard to suit all standard conveyor belts, but in addition, the flexibility of Saflec’s manufacturing process allows them to custom design metal detectors for specific applications.
The detector coils are available in various forms to suit each specific application, and Saflec staff has a wealth of experience in the application of industrial detectors.
The units are designed to be robust and constructed in modular form for ease of maintenance.

Light Dimming

Saflec have been manufacturing a range of industrial light dimmers for use in theatres, auditoriums and public areas, since the company was formed some 22 years ago and have built up a record for reliability and service, which is unequalled in this field.
The range starts at 2.2 Kilowatts and units can be supplied to handle powers upwards of this figure.