Garrett Super Scanner

The Garrett Super Scanner is the world’s most popular hand-held metal detector. When used properly, it is extremely effective in detecting even the smallest of metallic objects.
The Garrett Super Scanner operates in a very low frequency range and is completely safe for all scanning situations, including pregnancies and the operation of electronic devices such as pacemakers.



  •   Public buildings
  •   Airports
  •   Law Courts
  •   Nuclear Facilities
  •   Transportation Terminals
  •   Loss Prevention
  •   Historical Landmarks
  •   Prisons
  •   Sporting Venues
  •   Concerts
  •   Night Clubs
  •   Industrial Facilities
  •   Banks


  •   One switch operation
  •   Ultimate sensitivity
  •   Does not require adjustments
  •   Rugged, high impact ABS case
  •   Reinforced coil compartment
  •   Large 10″ scan surface
  •   Sharp audible alarm
  •   Bright LED’s


Green LED Indicates unit is ON
Amber LED Indicates LOW BATTERY
Red LED Indicates ALARM (Metal Detected)


Single 9v battery provides up to 60 hours of operation
NiMH rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours


Width: 8.3 cm Thickness: 4.13 cm Length: 42 cm Weight: 500 g

Technical Data

Supply Voltage : 9v