Company Profile

Saflec was founded in 1980 as an owner managed company, marketing security metal detectors, industrial metal detectors and industrial light dimmers. The staff complement consisted of a handful of key people, but grew rapidly and within 2 years, a move to bigger premises in Roodepoort was necessary. Manufacturing of the above products started, in particular a Fiberglass manufacturing facility was established to build the walkthrough security metal detector frames and industrial search coils. The electronic designs were continually developed.

In 1994 the company moved to its own 3 story premises to further expand production.

Saflec’s products have continually evolved over the years with an in-house design capability in both the electronic and fiberglass frame design, which has resulted in a number of firsts such as a 5 piece portable walkthrough metal detector featuring multi zone detection and a highly sensitive detector capable of detecting small amounts of precious metals.

Today our designs are comparable to those produced by the major metal detector companies anywhere else in the world.

Saflec prides itself on excellent backup service, made possible by having local control of it’s manufacturing, ample stock of spare parts and dedicated engineers since the founding of the company.

Saflec has been able to score some major successes over the years such as supplying all the cricket stadiums with walk through metal detectors for the cricket world cup in 2002 and the World summit on sustainable development.

We have also supplied large quantities of security detectors to Uganda, Government departments locally and other locations in Africa.

Our industrial detectors can be found in large quantities both locally and abroad including Dubai.