Goldfinger II

The Goldfinger II hails a new era in high sensitivity, analytical precious metal detection. This system comprises a highly sensitive metal detector coupled to a PC. The custom designed software allows for complete control over all employees passing through the metal detector. Using a database that stores the unique “body effect” of each employee, the software determines whether a particular employee is over his unique limit, and if so, notifies the operator of the event. Even if this employee’s ‘body effect’ is within acceptable limits, this system can randomly fail the employee during the detection process for added security The identification system used with Goldfinger can be either bar code cards or pin number based as any item carrying metal components cannot be carried through the metal detector.


  • Highly sensitive metal detector
  • Quick and easy software set up
  • ‘Free Run’ mode of operation for system testing
  • Attractive, easy to use Windows application
  • Random search facility
  • Multiple security levels


  • Mints
  • Precious metal refineries
  • Jewelery manufacturers
  • Prisons
  • Mines
  • Manufacturers, or users, of expensive electronic components
  • M.R.Examinations
  • I.C manufacturers

Technical Data

Supply Voltage : 220 volt/110 volt Supply Voltage : 50/60 Hz ±5% Weight : Approximately 300 KG