Popular Portable


The Popular Portable was designed as a quality security detector with most of the features of more expensive units. The unit incorporates a detector coil and infrared photocell in each side. When a preset amount of metal passing through the unit is exceeded an audio alarm is given. In addition, a set of voltage-free contacts is provided to actuate a remote alarm, or lock a turnstile, etc. The unit has indication of power as well as whether the unit is functioning correctly. The Popular Portable is battery driven and will operate up to eight hours on one charge. The system is designed to recharge overnight with its built-in-charger. The Popular Portable comprises of five separate parts for easy transportation – assembled in minutes. The unit includes power and fault indication.


The detector frame is constructed from fibreglass which ensures that the unit is robust and durable, and will not deteriorate with time. The attractive modern shape incorporates open sides which minimizes the feeling of being restricted. The detector is normally stocked in a standard light grey, but alternative colours can be requested.


  •   Bi-directional operation
  •   Mass of metal indicator (optional)
  •   Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  •   Free standing
  •   Battery backup system
  •   Infra-red photo cell
  •   Durable fiberglass construction
  •   Available in various colours
  •   Auto-balance
  •   Interlocking relay
  •   Weather proof top available
  •   Adjustable sensitivity


  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Law Courts
  • Prisons
  • Sporting Venues
  • Concerts
  • Night Clubs
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Banks


Supply Voltage : 220 volt/110 volt
Supply Voltage : 50/60 Hz ±5%
Power Consumption : 5,5VA
Audio Alarm
Weight : Approximately 45 KG


Weather proof top